Members Corner

Our Strength is our members. We are successful because of unstinted support from more than 30000 members who are our driving force for success.


Notice is hereby given that the 40th Annual General Meeting of the members of    A.P. Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Limited will be held on Wednesday, the 24th August 2016 at 10.30 a.m. at KLN Prasad Auditorium, FAPCCI House, Red Hills, Hyderabad – 500004, Telangana State to transact the following business:


  1. To consider and adopt the Fortieth Annual Report together with the Audited Statement of Accounts and Audit Report for the year  2015-16.
  2. To approve appropriation of net profit and to declare dividend for the year ended 31st March, 2016.
  3.         a)  To  ratify  the excess expenditure  incurred  over budgeted, during the year  2015-16.

b)  To approve the revised Budget of Income & Expenditure for the year 2016-17.

c)  To approve the Annual Budget of Income & Expenditure for the year 2017-18.

  1. To appoint Statutory Auditors to hold office from the conclusion of this Annual General Meeting until conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting and to authorize the Board to fix their remuneration. The Board of Directors recommends M/s. Venugopal & Chenoy, Chartered Accountants, Hyderabad for appointment as Statutory Auditors. 
  2. To note the position of loans and advances to Directors, their relatives and Companies/Firms in which they are interested, being NIL.
  3. To note the list of employees who are relatives of members of the Board or of the Chief Executive Officer, being NIL.  
  4. To grant Leave of Absence to the members other than those whose names appear in the Attendance Register of the 40th Annual General Meeting.
  5. Any other subject with the permission of the Chair.


                                                      BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Place: Hyderabad                                                                                    UMESH CHAND ASAWA

Date:  30.06.2016                                                                                   MANAGING DIRECTOR & CEO


  1. Members are requested to bring their Identity Card or Membership Number with them.
  2. If quorum is not formed within half an hour of the scheduled time, the meeting shall stand adjourned to 11.30 a.m on the same day and the agenda of the meeting shall be transacted at the said venue irrespective of the quorum.
  3. Dividend, after approval, will be paid within a period of 30 days.
  4. If members desire to have information in connection with the accounts, they are requested to address a letter to the Managing Director to reach the Bank on or before 17th August,2016 so that the required information can be made available.


  1. In terms of section 29 of Multi State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002 & Bye-Law No.7(b), Members are requested to utilize any of the following services for two consecutive years to avoid disqualification.

“Availment of any loan or maintenance of any deposit account or using of any product/services offered by the Bank”.

  1. Furnish their respective account numbers maintained with the bank or open an account with any branch of the bank and ENSURE recording of standing instructions with the Shares Department for credit of dividend. This will enable the members to get instant credit of dividend into their account and also avoid delay or non receipt of dividend.


  1. Verify their name and address printed on the Annual Report sent to them. Changes, if any, may kindly be intimated to the Shares Department for updating records.
  2. Avail nomination facility, if not availed.  
  3. Avail RuPay ATM/Debit Card facility on more than 2 lacs ATMs, 12 lacs POS Terminals & more than 50000 Merchant Websites across the country.
  4. Avail Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), an alternate channel for Fund Transfer both for Intra and Inter Bank. This service also enables the customers for paying their Utility Bills/Re-charging of mobile/DTH, Booking of Bus tickets, Flight Tickets and Hotel Rooms etc., through our Bank’s website
  5. Avail Internet Banking Facility for Fund Transfer for intra bank accounts, statements of account, balance inquiry etc.
  6. Register Mobile Number and e-mail ID to receive SMS alerts about the transactions and important communications.
  7. Avail missed call services by dialing 8287820820 from the registered mobile number to get SMS alert about last 4 transactions & latest balance in the accounts.
  8. Dial customer contact No.7306606666 for resolving queries on products & services.
  9. Advise branch about disposal of term deposits on maturity.
  10. Send feedback to improve products/services.


  1. Legal   heirs of deceased members are   requested to submit the share certificate/s along with claim form to the Shares Department for   settlement of claim.
  2. Members who have not en-cashed their dividends of earlier three years are requested to do so immediately. They are requested to note that dividends remaining un-drawn for 3 years after being declared, would stand forfeited by the Bank and the proceeds thereof would be transferred to the Bank’s Reserve Fund, as per the provisions of Bank’s Bye-Law No. 47(iii). 
  3. The SB A/c holders with Aadhaar as KYC can get life insurance  cover of  Rs.2 lacs under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bheema Yojana  at an  annual premium of Rs.330/- or / and get accidental / death cover  upto Rs.2 lacs  at an  annual premium of Rs.12/- under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bheema Yojana . Members who do not have account with the bank can avail this facility by opening a new account with Aadhaar as KYC. Contact the nearest branch for details

Notice: 40th Annual General Body Meeting

Annual Report

Basic Savings


No Minimum Balance, No initial deposit to open the account.

No restrictions like Age, Income Criteria for opening BSBD Account.

All provisions of KYC, AML, PML are applicable.

Passbooks are given free.

Maximum of Four withdrawals in a month including ATM withdrawals;

RuPay ATM Cum Debit Card with Accidental Insurance of Rs. 1.00 Lac free

No charges for all the above facilities



The Hon’ble Prime Minister in his Independence Day Speech on 15th August, 2014 announced a comprehensive program of Financial Inclusion targeting the large number of people who are currently deprived of even rudimentary financial services. The PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana (PMJDY) sets out to provide a basic Bank account to every family who till now had no account.