RuPay Debit Card

Mahesh Bank RuPay Debit Card

We are pleased to inform the launching of RuPay Debit Card -   India’s First Domestic Card.  Presently RuPay Card can be used at ATMs POS & e-Commerce in India.
Key features of RuPay Debit Card:

  • Access to more than 1.90 lacs  plus ATMs across India
  • Accepted on more than 10 lacs Point of Sale Terminals at various Merchant Establishments displaying RuPay Logo
  • The card can also be used for purchases / payments through internet i.e. e-commerce, Payment of Utility Bills, e-shopping etc (Introducing shortly)
  • The Card can be used only with PIN
  • No threat of card misuse when lost/stolen.
  • Card would be accepted only at secured PIN based POS terminals.
  • Free Accidental Insurance of Rs.1.00 lac
Limit for Cash Withdrawal at ATM:

Per Transaction -

Minimum Rs.100/-

Maximum Rs.10,000/-

Per Day -

Minimum Rs.100/-

Maximum Rs.20,000/-

Limit for purchases at Merchant Establishment on Point of Sale Terminal:

Per Transaction  & Per Day


Minimum Balance Criteria for issuance of Debit Card & Charges for non maintainance of the same:







Amount in Rs.



Savings Deposit -Normal

Basic Savings
Deposit Account

Mahesh Juniors Savings Accounts

Mahesh Super Mahila Savings Accounts

Current Account


Monthly Minimum Balance to be maintained



No Minimum Balance








Charges for not maintaining Min. Balance

50.00 Plus 
Service Tax


No Charges

50.00 Plus Service Tax

200.00 Plus 
Service Tax

Charges for Transactions:

Savings / Current Accounts.

- Transactions on Mahesh Bank ATMs:

All Transactions are free on our Bank’s ATMs for our Customers.

- Transactions on other NFS Member Banks’ ATMs

For withdrawal of Cash and non-financial transactions – up to 3 transactions per month are free for the transactions done on 6 Metro Cities i.e. Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Transactions at other locations, 5 transactions are free. However, put together total 5 transactions per month are free subject to a maximum of 3 transactions at Metro locations.

Above free Transactions: Rs.20/- plus service tax per transaction will be charged.

Other Charges

Duplicate PIN – Rs.50/- plus taxes
Duplicate Card – Rs.100/- plus taxes
Annual Fees – Rs.100/- plus Service Tax after completion of one year from the date of issue.
Issuing of renewed Card – Rs.100/- plus Service Tax

Surcharge on POS transactions:

  1. Fuel Refilling

Transaction value <= 2000.00        - 0.75% plus Service Tax
Transaction value >    2000.00       - 1.00% plus Service Tax
b.   Railway Ticket Booking                   - Rs.10/- plus Service Tax

* The charges are subject to changes from time to time as per the Bank policy.
Click here to download Application form for RuPay Debit Card facility
Click here to download Terms & Conditions form for RuPay Debit Card facility.
The application should be duly filled by the applicant and should be submitted at the Branch where he / she maintains the account along with the terms & conditions form duly signed.
Click here to know the address of Mahesh Bank ATMs.
Click here to know the list of member banks under NFS ATM Shared Network
Click here for User Manual & Terms and Conditions of Mahesh Bank RuPay Debit Card.

Customer Complaints

Customer's complaint on failed transactions will be resolved by bank within 7 working days from the date of receipt of complaint, failing which customer is entitled to a compensation for any delay of Rs100/- per day by the card issuing bank ( If complaint is lodged with in 30 days of the date of the transaction.)

Download Complaint Forms

For complaining about ‘Account debited Cash not dispensed’ – Click here

FAQs on ATMs

Basic Savings


No Minimum Balance, No initial deposit to open the account.

No restrictions like Age, Income Criteria for opening BSBD Account.

All provisions of KYC, AML, PML are applicable.

Passbooks are given free.

Maximum of Four withdrawals in a month including ATM withdrawals;

RuPay ATM Cum Debit Card with Accidental Insurance of Rs. 1.00 Lac free

No charges for all the above facilities



The Hon’ble Prime Minister in his Independence Day Speech on 15th August, 2014 announced a comprehensive program of Financial Inclusion targeting the large number of people who are currently deprived of even rudimentary financial services. The PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana (PMJDY) sets out to provide a basic Bank account to every family who till now had no account.